Buttercream  ::  Fondant
Orange Buttercream
Cream Cheese  ::  Chocolate
Lemon Buttercream
Mocha  ::  Royal
White Chocolate Buttercream

Vanilla Bean  ::  Champagne  ::  White
Yellow Butter  ::  Almond Poppy
Dark Chocolate  ::  Milk Chocolate  ::  Mocha
Red Velvet  ::  Carrot  ::  Banana
Key Lime  ::  Spice  ::  Grand Marnier
Applesauce Spice  ::  Chocolate Orange

Bavarian Cream  ::  Banana
Chocolate Bavarian Cream
Mocha Cream  ::  Grand Marinier
Gourmet Raspberry
Lemon Curd  ::  Lemon Cream
Raspberry Mousse
Cherry  ::  Chocolate Mousse
Fresh Strawberry
Orange Cream  ::  Cream Cheese

Buttercream cakes start at $2.95 a serving for most cake flavors
Fondant cakes start at $3.95 a serving
Cream Cheese, White Chocolate, and other icings start at $3.25 a serving
Cake flavors using liquors or champagne are $0.25 a serving additional
Extravagant designs are priced on individual basis
Pricing subject to change without notice

Delivery is free within a 15 mile radius of our business in Everett

Delivery pricing depends on location
and begins at $20.00